How It Works


Considered 'Jewelry of the Future', our premium jewelry line brings you fun and high-tech experiences everywhere you wear them. 

The app available in The App Store and Google Play.

Beautiful mid-century modern design, hand-crafted in the United States and plated with 24k Gold and Fine Silver.

Get Started in Four Steps

  1. Purchase any Code to Canvas piece.
  2. Download our free app in The App Store or Google Play (emailed to you after purchase).
  3. Scan Your Pendant.
  4. Experience your one of a kind, fun, and interactive pendant. 

Fun 3D Experiences Await You

    Code to Canvas is the first and only augmented reality jewelry company that provides a completely new jewelry experience for all who wear our pendants. 

    How does the technology work? 

    Code to Canvas jewelry is designed to be augmentable. It is wireless, water resistant, and totally fun.

    1. The design signals to your phone's camera.
    2. Your camera detects the unique design.
    3. A response is triggered based on the design.

    The pendants are composed of three pieces:

    1. Pendant that is .999 Fine Silver or 24k Gold Plated.
    2. Glass insert to secure the marker.
    3. Trained marker that will trigger an augmented reality experience. 

    Code to Canvas manufacturers the jewelry in Townsend, Washington USA. The designs and technology that power the jewelry are made in San Francisco, California, USA.

    We ship from California within 4 business days75% of orders are shipped next day, with a 2 day First Class Package stamp from USPS. 

    See It in Action with Our How It Works Video

    If you would like to know even more about how our designs work and the technology behind them, check out this blog post that goes into further detail. 

    Augmented Reality Pendants - How They're Made