Cat Bracelet
Cat Bracelet
Cat Bracelet
Cat Bracelet

Cat Bracelet

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PlatingĀ  24k Gold / .999 Fine Silver
Length Ā 7.5 inches
Townsend, Washington.Ā Ā USA
Technology San Francisco, California.Ā USA

Ā *Tested, assembled by hand, and shipped from California.Ā 

TheĀ CatĀ Augmented RealityĀ Ā Preview


Cats have a long and rich history as our friendly guardians. Seeing and sensing things that may otherwise be hidden in the dark, cats are highly intelligent creatures who want to protect their family.

Their agility and curiosity make for a ferocious combination. The spirit of the cat reminds us to take risks and seize opportunities in life. We have nine spirit lives, right? If we take the leap, we may just land on our feet.

Let our Cat Pendant remind you to listen to your instincts, pay attention to the darker corners of your life that may need to be brought into the light, and challenge you to take the risks necessary to grow and evolve into a strong and agile being. And youā€™ll inspire others to do the same.

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Economical gift with a wow factor. I am so excited about this. For anyone who loves jewelry and has an appreciation for technology.

Unique, special and different. A conversation starter. Extending the experience of jewelry making it fun.

Merilee A. Kern

This is jewelry of the future! This codetocanvas interactive keychain is awesome!  I chose the Gemini horoscope theme in silver.

It's really fun and easy to use. What an innovative jewelry collection that brings you fun and high-tech experiences.

Shannan RN